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Improving Well-Being through Ultimate

Ultimate has an code of conduct called "Spirit of the Game". It represents an ethos--even at the highest levels of elite international competition--of sportsmanship and fair-play. Bringing people together to learn, play, and live Ultimate enhances the well-being of people and their communities. The sport even includes a Mixed Division, which brings men and women together playing side-by-side on the pitch. Spirit of the Game, the articulation of this ethos and code of conduct, combined with the inclusiveness of the sport, fosters communication and ethical interaction.

Teaching Ultimate

Ultimate is still a young sport. Coaching is vital to develop good habits that lead to competent play. Come experience a training session at one of the Open Sessions avaiable to the public. There, you'll can experience being coached along with London Ultimate's competitive team, Meridian.

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Sport + Life

Ultimate is unique in that so many of its members, even at the elite level, happen to be professionals in industry and academia. London Ultimate's competitive team, Meridian, is no exception, and includes professionals spanning Technology, Software, IT, Finance, Medicine, and NGOs. Join our Community Alliance, which puts players together with professionals.

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Ultimate as a Lifestyle

Ultimate tends to attract life-long fans. It's no-contact nature promotes play much longer than in other sports. And, its competitive format, which can include weekend travel, puts people together who have a commitment to this shared interest. Life-long players can become life-long friends. Come experience the social side of Ultimate.

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